Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Super Seven Free Ticket Lottery Strategy

Simple Super Seven Wheel on two tickets | Five if Seven Lottery Wheeling System | Free Ticket Lottery Strategy

A super useful lottery strategy can come from your won free lotto entries; normally on the pick 7.

With patience you can use your free plays more effectively by saving the tickets until the lotteries jackpot has risen above normal levels. The best time in my opinion, are on draws that would have a higher expected cash return than the original draw that won the play. This would average out the expected payout of the variable prizes between the new free entry and the original winning entry mathematically.


Simply hold on to those winners and use this lottery strategy after a draw that did not have a jackpot winner! This mean that there is extra funding in the lottery pools. After a few non-jackpot-winning-draws the jackpot is large and inflated usually causing a flock of regular jackpot players and new comers to the ticket stands. The trend is to have the computer make the number selections for the lotto player however I disagree with this only because I spread my selections out.